Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Last Will

Recorded back in late 2013, the mighty Argentinian sludge quartet Asilo destroy on this three-way split with fellow countrymen Uroboros (death metal) and El Caos Reptante (Electric Wizard-ish doom). While these five songs showed up on the band's respectable full-length Comunión last year, this live studio recording absolutely blows each of them away. Totally raw as fuck, lead singer Gabriel sounds absolutely fucking insane, screaming like a coked-up banshee against Platino's muted Otesanek-ish background growls. I've probably heard six different versions of "Geografías" and this is my favorite - the rambling dirge at the end is both hilarious and heavy. Enjoy some of the best double-bass guitar sludge I've heard in a long while...

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