Sunday, January 11, 2015

We Don't Want You Here

After the Arghoslent post the other month I decided to revisit the lone Mudoven CD in my collection, 1998's Truth And Tragedy. Content-wise it's exactly what you'd expect from the guitarist of Vaginal Jesus; music-wise it's rather... thin. Mudoven is a one-man band with Jim Crow fulfilling the vocal and drum machine roles as well as pluck the six-string. The lyrics are kinda funny in a über-offensive sorta way but any credibility is lost in the ridiculous overproduction - an overdub nightmare that is mastered so high on treble it (intentionally?) seems the antithesis of bass-heavy hip-hop. If only it could have been recorded with a full band on some lo-fi analog cassette - the muddy roughness would have really added something. While miserably racist, it's all so over the top you get the idea that (as with VxJx) it's an ultra-bad taste joke done simply to piss off the people who make an effort to be pissed of about stuff like this. Of course there are back-woods rednecks who take this shit completely seriously which shows just how retarded those slack-jawed hicks really are.

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