Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Feces And Blood

Quietly released among a glut of posthumous GG Allin releases, it's surprising how Violent Beatings stayed under the radar considering it's got the most legitimately unreleased material since the ol' scumfuc OD'd twenty years ago. And for once it's not repackaged C&W acoustic nonsense, it's a bunch of recordings featuring guitarist Mark Sheehan (of Troubled Troubador and Illegitimate Kids (in)famy). Up first is a completely remastered version of GG's Murder Junkies 7" - the music is culled straight from the 1991 session master and is significantly rawer than what you heard on the You Give Love A Bad Name re-release. While not my favorite GG recording, I really dig "Bacteria Of The Soul" - a cool-ass rambling dirge which makes it all worthwhile. Additionally, the CD features some fantastic demo stuff recorded in the late 80's. Hitting rock bottom, GG took up Sheehan's offer to record in Lowell, MA during the hot summer of '88; the sessions were later partially released as Suicide Sessions. If you enjoyed the bleak rawness of Sessions then you will absolutely love this. While it's not everything they recorded, most of the faves are there... "Drug Whore", "Cornhole Lust", etc, etc. Absolutely fucking crazy. For completists out there (if my hazy memory serves me right), Ax/ction Records did packaged the entire Suicide Sessions demo as a DIY cassette-only release deceptively titled Scumfucs Live '84. If anyone has a copy out there please get in touch!

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