Thursday, January 8, 2015


I'm sure L7 would be tickled fucking clitoris pink to be sandwiched between two of the most misogynistic bands in musical history (spoiler alert... Anal Cunt post up next) but I've had this fucking song in my head for like the last two days and figured it needed some recognition. Solid sludgy grunge from a 50% attractive girl group (was that the typical ratio or what?), for some weird reason I am convinced it sounds like a Go-Go's single played at 33 rpm. I actually had the whole Bricks Are Heavy album this song sleazed from but it was quasi-reluctantly sold in the broke-ass post-college CD purge of 1994. Still, "Pretend We're Dead" is easily the feminine foursome's finest four minutes, a strangely catchy post-metal dirge that would have been a lot stronger without the endlessly looped whispery vocal overdubs. Sure, it's terribly overproduced for the grungy/indie attitude they're trying to portray but at the least it's still four women rocking out (and shit, sometime vocalist Suzi Gardner offered the hottie background vox on Black Flag's "Slip It In" to which I probably/definitely jerked off once or twice to). As far as this import Japanese single goes, it's worth a listen - accompanying five live tracks (two solid from Bricks and three weak from 1990's forgettable Smell The Magic) is "I Used To Love Him," a barely humorous parody of Guns 'N' Roses "I Used To Love Her" (was the idiotic furor over that lame-ass song still relevant in '92?) and the only original B-side from Bricks, "Lopsided Head". I'm surprised I wrote as much as I did about this CD-single, I think the funniest thing now that I'm listening to it is how much whomever chick is singing on "I Used To Love Him" sounds exactly like Axl Rose. Shit I gotta go to bed. Enjoy.

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