Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Destroy

An uneven sophomore release from West Coast sludgelords Abominable Iron Sloth hampered in part by recording delays, financial issues, stolen gear and typical band member flakiness. Initially recorded as a 4-song ep titled Americana, founding member/guitarist/vocalist Justin Godfrey felt the release would be stronger as a full length and quickly began penning songs with new drummer Andre Sanabria (Blownupnihilist). After loads of delays (including a Myspace petition for donations) The Id Will Overcome was released in spring 2010. The verdict? Well, album starts off amazing. "I Destroy," "A Nation Of Ignorants," "Slugs In A Salt Circle" and "Two Black Helicopter" comprised the original ep and are absolutely killer. A perfect sequel to their eponymous 2006 album, the recording is raw and gritty; Sanabria's drums sound like atom bombs and Godfrey's vocals are totally fucking psychotic. Yet from that point on the album falls a bit flat. There's nothing particularly bad about it, the songs simply lack the discordant 'Sloth style that makes their other stuff so great. The recording is a bit too clean, no real time-signature changes to keep it fresh, the tunes sort of just plod along and come off reeking like filler (especially the dirge "Heterodox Nonconformists" - c'mon guys). Even a Charles Manson cover (lifted from the LIE album) is a bit disappointing. Regardless the openers are the real diamonds on Id and are definitely worth a listen - especially "I Destroy" - probably the greatest heavy song ever written.

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