Monday, September 2, 2013

Women Comics...

Easily the most awkward comedy album in history, Dice's The Day The Laughter Died captures the polarizing comic at his best (or worst depending on your point of view) in front of a completely shell-shocked audience. Recorded in 1989 at NYC's Dangerfield's (owned by the late great Rodney), producer Rick Rubin limited the show's advertising to intentionally attract an unsuspecting audience totally unprepared for the profanity-laden assault that awaited them. It's a two-hour slice of anti-comedy - a perpetually Marlboro-sucking Clay incessantly heckles the audience (many of whom leave), half of the skits are built around the poor shlubs who naïvely sat too close to the stage. There's a great part when a disgusted couple he's busy harassing decide to leave halfway through the show and an unapologetic Dice responds:

"Did you like the jerk off segment, what was it that threw ya? The ass-eating? The uh... I dunno maybe it was something I said that annoyed 'em?"

Fucking classic. Of course the show does drag at times and his improv occasionally falls somewhat flat but there are more gems on this one then all his other material combined. His excited rant about the (sadly definct) smut clubs on 42nd street still gets me rolling to this day.

Hour Back...                                                       Get It?

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