Friday, September 6, 2013

San Jose Sludgecore

One of the cooler things about split records is discovering the "B-side" band is actually better then the one you bought the record for (a la my Vaginal Massaker post a couple years ago). Such is the case with California grinders Deadbodieseverywhere. Bought the vinyl for the Noothgrush and was instead wowed by the Dystopia-like sludge/crust on the flip side. Great, great stuff. I eventually found another split of theirs (this time with the instantly forgettable Utter Bastard) which isn't quite as good (a bit more grindcore-ish and unfortunately more muddier production-wise) but still completely listenable. Deadbodieseverywhere managed to sleaze out a few more releases before splitting up in the early 2000's but I've yet to hear 'em. Enjoy.

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