Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tales From The Sexside

Oh boy, here we go again. Straight back from Houston's 5th Ward is Choice, the most unintentionally hilarious female rapper in hip-hop history. I've rambled about her past in a previous post so there's little need to revisit, suffice it to say that her sophomore release Stick-N-Moove (yep, that's how it's spelled) is primo so-bad-its-good fodder for your next party. The beats are typical drum machine dreck and her lyrics are of the priceless "Bullshit talkin', steady talkin' all that bullshit" variety that just ramble on and on. The token sex rap "Tales From The Sexside" is an absolute riot and her kinda safe-sex anthem "HIV Positive" will simply leave you slack-jawed. Is it really a safe-sex song when she's just complaining that the guy could have fucked her instead of a sleazy ho with AIDS? Regardless, "Thank It's A Game," a duet with then-Geto Boy Big Mike, is easily the best track on the album; a ridiculous he vs. she battle that is as inane as it is funny. The profanity is overwhelming and none of it really makes any sense but you gotta give credit to Choice for being such a good sport. Another guilty pleasure low-rent classic from Rap-A-Lot Records. Enjoy.

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