Friday, March 16, 2012

Afterthought Of A Genius...

It's weird, Soilent Green should be one of those bands that I am totally into. Heavy, fuzz-laden sludge straight out of Eyehategod country. But to be honest, nothing they released ever really grabbed me; sure it was "fine" (a terribly non-binding term that I use to describe my feelings on almost everything) but nothing that was going to get any regular rotation in my skippy-as-a-motherfucker 240SX 5-disc changer. Then came 2001's A Deleted Symphony For The Beaten Down and for whatever reason, the band clicked with me. Tight grooves, well-mixed crusty vocals, and properly restrained production make for a good hour of sludgy grindcore. "Later Days" is definitely the track to kill for on this one although the equally cheery "She Cheated On You Twice" and "Daydreaming The Color Of Blood" are also big faves. Enjoy.

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