Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gimme Head While I'm Doin' 'Bout 90

Man, ya gotta give props to Oakland mainstay (dare I say legend?) Todd "Too $hort" Shaw. He continues reveling in a career built off of the same rhymes for goddamn nearly 30 years. While the rap music world has restarted and reinvented itself throughout the decades from hardcore East Coast vs. West Coast feuds to motherland Black Power representation to mainstream commercial success (a la Puff Daddy and Jay-Z) and all back again, Too $hort was busy booming at Oak-town clubs rapping about the same old fucking shit. Pimps and bitches. His extensive album catalog has gone from good to great to almost unlistenable, his output in the 2000's has been really hit-or-miss; way too many overly featured local rappers and not enough $hort. In my opinion he hit his peak with 1993's incredible Get In Where You Fit In. Yeah, Life Is... To Short and Short Dog's In The House are admittedly classics as they stand but c'mon, how many really great tunes are on those albums? Two? Get In is a solid 70 minutes of $hort doing what he does best, rhyming shit like "fuck" with "beat up". Maybe he was running out of ideas as both "Playboy $hort" and "Blowjob Betty" are culled from his indie 75 Girls days but who gives a fuck, he rescues them from the swap meet Seville trunk on this bitch. The title track is hilarious, a wide open bitchslap to M.C. Pooh for trying to steal his image, "Gotta Get Some Lovin'" is probably my favorite $hort track of all time - just a cool (and fast!) track where Short Dog isn't afraid to poke fun at his own pimp ass. Awesome shit, enjoy this before it gets fucking taken down.

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