Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hard Drive Deadbeats: GRINDCORE

I'm a sucker for grindcore. Blastbeats, speedy riffs, raw vocals and a generally manic vibe perfect for all-night coke binges or weed-whacking the shit out of the lawn. If it's done right, that is. For every Brutal Truth or Agoraphobic Nosebleed there are a hundred clones and knock-offs trying to push the sound or theme to even more ridiculous extremes. I'm sure someone could argue that the quintet above touch on some other genres than grindcore but I am simply too lazy and tired to start creating "brutal-technical-cyber-porn-core" posts. With that being said, please welcome Anal Torturer, Blastomycosis, Fuck Shit Up, Total Anal Infection, and the annoying mouthful A Coprophile Obsessed Virgin Schoolgirl's Underwear Rubber. Out of the five, Anal Torturer almost made the "keep" pile. Super Mega Loteria De Mactaes is recorded so pathetically basement-brow that it's practically a comedy album. If it's intentionally a joke then good job; if not, go back to working at the car wash, guys. Blastomycosis sounds like the million other bands teetering on the grindcore/brutal death metal tightrope complete with song titles and lyrics straight out of the Encyclopedia Of Pathology. Cool name withstanding, Fuck Shit Up is surprisingly tame, obvious Extreme Noise Terror devotees with little else to add. Indonesia grinders Total Anal Infection try their best but are sadly second rate. Poorly recorded and rehearsed, the best thing about Beast The Bitch is the cover. Saving the worst for last is Russia's awful ACOVSUR. An obvious parody of Japanese extreme grind, it is without a doubt the longest six minutes on this post. Vulgar and offensive just for the sake of it, completely talentless trash.

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