Saturday, March 31, 2012

Made The Cut...

Out of thirty-plus duds over the last week, Fetus Fucker's pretty amazing Nothing At A Long Awaited Moment In Monumental Slabs In Enclosed Walking Distances To Nothing (2006) graduated from the freshman team to varsity starter after a surprised listen. Who knows how I missed this one, maybe the band name filled my head with tired sugarplums of dull gurgling goregrind or I was just on my period that week but either way, this album fucking kills. Excellent production, clean and mean recordings, tight mastering... I was amazed to find out this is the lone project of one seriously talented dude. Hopefully the Tempe, AZ one-man band is still at it, checking out B.E.N.'s semi-updated myspace page it seems there are plans for future releases so let's keep our fingers crossed. THIS is the fucking way to do it fellas, if someone needs a "how-to" manual for all the various gore/cyber/death/grind machines out there, download this shit. And then fuck it all up. Enjoy.

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