Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hard Drive Deadbeats: CYBERGRIND

Man, I've written a few posts about my passive-aggressive abhorrence towards cybergrind and the above bands easily fall into the "barely passable" category. I can appreciate the creative side of things in most cases but as a somewhat neurotic musician I just cannot get past the fact that a lot of cybergrind simply sounds like noise. I get the concept that it's "anti-music" and what not but it seems like more effort is put forth concocting marginally humorous pornographic song titles and an overly twisted album cover. I just can't get into it man, today we've got efforts by Anal Bag, Café Noise, Hairy Hole, Meat Paunch Mafia and Wormcumshot. Hairy Hole almost made the "keep" pile because there is definitely a purpose behind the pandemonium but in the end... well, game over dude. Get out the ear plugs.

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Anonymous said...

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BabyHugZ said...

Plz re-up the Meat Paunch Mafia link!

winston95 said...

Meat Paunch Mafia re-up complete... enjoy (?)