Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Black & Blue

Another tepid cash-in on GG's demise, Volume 4 of the quasi-infamous Insult & Injury series is nothing more than a sparse set chock-full of aggressive baiting by Allin towards a hostile, bored crowd not in the mood for his incessant ranting. Playing at the long-defunct Rocket club in Providence, RI and evidently booking the gig without a band; GG hijacked the musicians from show-opener diaper rocker/labelmate Algae Afterbirth to create the one-off "Providence Afterbirth Superscum". Comprised of Drool Flemming (guitar), Wypo (drums) and The Phantom (bass), it's unlikely the band did much before the gig than get fucked up so if you're here for tight live renditions of GG's classic scumcore you'll be sadly disappointed; the PAS plod and struggle through the meager set with little aplomb. But in retrospect it hardly matters. The cassette recorder that captured this banal point of history must have been right next to GG's PA since you cannot hear anything else but him. Yelling. A lot. The band seems to be playing in another room and occasionally you'll hear someone in the crowd get loud but other that the oppressive hum of amplifier feedback there's barely any background noise. The scant tracklist is pretty lame, for a 45+ minute gig (pretty long by Allin standards) it's too bad no real classics were dusted off. Instead we get the dullards "Blood For You", "Teacher's Pet", "I Wanna Rape You", "Sluts In The City" and "Drink Fight & Fuck" - and with the endless ranting, technical fuck-ups and overall shittines of the gig it's no wonder why paying customers were challenging GG to brawl halfway in. Allin eventually coaxes a bunch of whores (the Scummettes, 'natch) up on stage for backup vocals on "Sluts In The City" but by that point this CD is really tough to keep listening to. Some guy actually comes along to piss in GG's mouth while he finishes singing "Drink Fight & Fuck" and his gurgle/gag on the yellow stuff is the perfect icing on this putrid cake.

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