Thursday, October 3, 2013


Got into a conversation with a college roommate of mine tonight and joked about my idiotic falling asleep in class story. Mind you, thank fuck this was eons before the fucking social media bullshit of today - if it wasn't I'd have probably killed my self ages ago out of sheer embarassment. Regardless - story starts on some random Sunday night, 1992. For some reason our acid dealer only came around late Sunday nights - no real big deal except for the fact that his acid tended to have a ton of fucking speed in it so  you simply had to resign yourself to the fact you weren't going to sleep for about 36 hours after you dropped. Like usual we did drop - a lot - and 20-year old shenanigans commenced. 99% of the time I would fuck off my Monday morning classes but for some reason that morning I was all condescendingly like "fuck it, it's time to learn." I wandered through the snow and the other million miserable students to get to the gigantic fucking stadium where I had a mid-level bio class. I sat directly in the middle of a 250+ auditorium and promptly pulled out my sketch pad. Figured I would just draw and doodle some trippy shit for a bit...

Wow! That fucking class went fast. Looked around and people are filing out. Got my tired ass up and wandered outside - into total fucking darkness. Seems I had passed out for nearly 14 fucking hours in the middle of one of the busiest class auditoriums in the school. Best guess, 6 two-hour classes came and went with my snoring ass sitting in the middle gulping air to live. If it was today there probably would have been hourly webcam updates on my snoozing and bets on whether I would make it through the night. All I remember is being really fucking hungry and having to answer a lot of "where the fuck were you all day" questions. Thank cunt my worst drug habits were before Facebook existed.

Oh yeah, and at that time I was also really fucking into Ministry. Enjoy.

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