Saturday, October 26, 2013


Straight outta Kansas City comes the four-man death metal leviathan that is Troglodyte. The album cover had me in a second - a nice homage to any hundred of lurid 1970's B-movie posters (of which I've seen about a million billion of 'em). Initially the song titles may come off as somewhat cheesy - humorous tributes to the legends of Bigfoot and his missing link ilk. But the music delivers so strong that it hardly fucking matters. Fusing a blend of old-school Florida death metal and the current brutal death genre, the band plays a pretty heavy, groovish style which has enough tempo changes within each 2-minute song to keep the most jaded metalhound interested. I haven't been listening to anything particularly heavy lately but this album really hit the spot. "Skunk Ape Rape" and "Fossil" are the standout tracks for me but the whole albums tears the scene a new primal fuckhole. The band is still at it - check out their bandcamp here. Enjoy.

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