Thursday, October 10, 2013

Black Gold

Oh man, is this the fucking most awesome thing ever? Possibly the greatest juxtapositional mixtape in musical history, the combination of Jimi Hendrix and the Wu-Tang Clan is, quite simply, amazing. Named after the mysterious "final" album demo recorded by Hendrix (which only he and Mitch Mitchell ever heard), Black Gold is a mashup in the same vein as Danger Mouse's Grey Album but significantly more epic. The Hendrix samples span all his official albums as well as interviews, radio spots, studio and live stuff - afficionados will be happy to hear really obscure bootleg clips here and there. The Wu were completely behind the project and actually recorded new vocals as well as contributing their extensive catalog. An insanely extensive song-by-song sample breakdown appears here - well worth a read for the serious listener. All in all, this is an amazing album for fans of either artist and a fucking goldmine for fans of both. A labor of love by producer Tom Caruana. Thanks man.

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