Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I Pity The Fool

I don't know how this one escaped me for over a decade; huge 2001 release by Bronx DJ extraordinaire Mr. Len who cut his turntable teeth DJ-ing for NYC indie unit Company Flow (whom if you never heard check 'em out - they are fucking awesome). A compilation of sorts featuring a multitude of different vocalists ranging from underground acts like the Juggaknots and MassInfluence to established rappers like Q-Unique and Chubb Rock. Len's beats vary across the hip-hop spectrum but all stay solid - the hook for me on this one is the prodigious "The Hurt" featuring female rap protegé Jean Grae. Kinda sounding like Bjork's "Army Of Me"- a dark piano groove beneath Grae's sweetly expletive-laden vocals makes this one a keeper.

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