Friday, October 11, 2013

Grind Jazz Improv

Yet another Seth Putnam side-project instigated by Siege drummer Rob Williams. Building on the random jazz-jam hardcore style heard on Siege's 7-minute epic "Grim Reaper" on their 1984 debut, Rob assembled Putnam, alto sax legend Jim Hobbs and ex-Nothings guitarist Chris Joyce into the Death's Head Quartet. Their eponymous album is a two-hour free-form jazz/noise/blur improvisational wall of sound - impossible to repeat such a session. The thundering background of bass and guitar give the initial impression of typical noisecore but the drumming and sax really pull this album out of the swamp. Putnam growls and gurgles some AC-esque vocals here and there which almost make you think you're listening to what Full Blown A.I.D.S. could have turned into. Occasionally Williams seems to be just fucking around (I mean it is free-form I guess) but then he breaks into something wicked cohesive and you realize he's not just phoning it in. The songs titles and breaks are simply arbitrary - listen to this bitch from start to finish - great mowing-the-lawn background noise. Enjoy.


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