Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Jesus, how the fuck is that not commercial suicide to call yourself fucking "Positive K" in 1992? The era of Onyx championing themselves as the bald headed niggaz, Ice Cube celebrating the LA riots, Paris rallying the Black Panthers and Redman extolling the everyday thug life - and you got a guy from the Bronx with the balls to call himself "positive"? Oh well, good for him I guess. You probably remember his quickly annoying "I Got A Man" quasi-duet (it's actually him doing the female vocals) from Yo MTV Raps! but to be honest the album is not nearly as pussified as you would expect. It kinda sounds like every rap album that was coming out of Island Records at the time (Tone Loc, Stereo MC's, Young MC, 3rd Bass, etc etc etc) but there are some somewhat fresh beats here and there. "Nightshift" is fucking tight (thanks to much help from Big Daddy Kane) and "The Shout Out" is a great tune. Enjoy a pretty good party album that isn't too offensive and much respect to Darryl Gibson for having the balls to give a constructive moniker a try.

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