Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Brown Town

Man, one of the best things about Ween in the 90's was the amount of material they released. Calling them prolific is almost an understatement. From soundtracks to guest appearances to non-US singles, the wealth of songs and remixes the band released outside of legitimate albums is impressive. Unfortunately, as with most "underground" band discographies, compiling all that stuff can be elusive. Thanks to Ween being early friends of the internet, various mp3's of the material surfaced with relative frequency on FTP servers, albeit of varying, often extremely rough quality (were talkin' muddy 32kbps rips here). More recently, thanks to the innovation of music-ripping software (as well as the speed of the internet), a few good souls have dusted off their extensive Ween collections and made available excellent new rips of the material - resulting in a compilation entitled The Brown Sides: Official B-Sides. From sources as obscure as the Australian CD-single of "Push Th' Little Daisies" to their Sub Pop released "Skycruiser" single, the record compiles original, non-LP tracks by the band. Some are hits, some misses, my favorites are the instrumental "Bakersfield" (from the "I Can't Put My Finger On It" CD-single), the heart-wrenching "I'll Miss You" (from the Beautiful Girls soundtrack) and amazing "Mountains And Buffalo" - a dropped track from Quebec which is probably my favorite song by the band. You can't listen to this without finding something you'll love - play loud and enjoy.

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