Monday, April 7, 2014

Milking The Sick Farce

Blindly bought by my 13-year old punk ass thanks to a cool album cover and the fact that it was released on "Death Records", this crossover EP by Raleigh hardcore mainstays Corrosion Of Conformity reflects a definite style change for the band. Gone were the manic punk anthems of Eye For An Eye - Technocracy boasts much more cohesive songwriting (probably an influence of new vocalist Simon Bob and the fact that the songs are longer than 90 seconds) and the music is surprisingly both well-produced, structured and incredibly tight. I'm sure for fans of their older stuff it was somewhat of a letdown but up to that point I hadn't heard any C.O.C. and and was solidly into the Venice, CA thrash movement (Excel, SxTx, etc.) so this cassette was a welcome addition. The opening track and "Crawling" are my two faves - as is the strange "Ahh Blugh" bonus at the end which was proof to my unnecessarily stern parents that hardcore bands had a sense of humor. Corrosion went on to further adjust their musical style as years progressed - they entered the post-metal world with Blind in 1991 and beyond. I've actually never heard anything by the band from the more recent era - instead having gone backwards to enjoy their past catalog.


Badseed said...

My favourite C.O.C. "EP/album" - and I knew the albums before, along with the single from "Blind" "Vote with a bullet". The rest just doesn't say nothing.

winston95 said...

Yeah man, this one just fucking rules. Thanks for the comment brother - enjoy it.