Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Nowhere To Run

Yep, another hip-hop CD maxi-single for today's lesson, this one culled from one of my top 5 rap albums of all time. I'm of course speaking of Gravediggaz's seminal 6 Feet Deep (or Niggamortis for all you Europeans reading) and its first single "Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide". I'm pretty sure this was released both domestic and internationally - regardless I've combined the two CDs into one file. You get the album version, a radio edit, acapella, instrumental and two bonus songs I've never heard anywhere else. "Freak The Sorceress" is the closest thing the band will ever come to a sex rhyme (trust me, it's hilarious) and "The Reincarnation Of Freud" is a cool minute-long sample track - great to hear the original band at their peak in 1994. Enjoy.

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