Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Devil Made Me Do It

It was the only album in the pathetic "Rap - MISC" section of my local mall's Alwilk Records that I didn't have - I grudgingly slapped down $12 for a rapper named after the fucking French capital. Man, what a surprise. Ignoring the fact that nearly everything he says on the album is a not-so-veiled hatred of my white suburban ass, Devil Made Me Do It got some serious rotation on my CD player during my freshman year at college (to my loser upstate-NY metalhead roomate's eternal agony). The tone of the record is incredibly dark, beats are definitely Public Enemy-influenced with a cool bass-heavy synthesizer in the background. Paris incorporated what fellow Californian Ice-T was popularizing at the time, adding some sick guitar licks to a few songs, namely the amazing title song. "Brutal" is probably my favorite track; and I can't tell you how many times I sampled the beginning of "Scarface Groove" into awful homemade rap songs that (fortunately for the world) have long been taped over. I've never actually checked out any of Paris's other albums - I know he's had some controversy associated with them; as far as I'm concerned this album is more than enough. Enjoy, crackers.

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