Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Garlic And Oil

For guys who were pushing 30 at the time there's a lot to respect about releasing a snotty hardcore EP right when the world was hoping for another Ill Communication. With a 11-minute running time the songs are in the NYHC style of "Heart Attack Man from the aforementioned Communication - it's too hard to dislike any of 'em since they're all so fucking fast. What I really dig about this album are the fucking solid breakdowns at the end of a couple of the tracks - "Brand New," "Deal With It" and especially "I Can't Stand It" - that song alone is worth the download. In case anyone cares I included "Soba Violence" from the Japanese release and "Light My Fire" (absolutely awful - for completists only) from a poorly-ripped Australian 2x7" vinyl. Enjoy.

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