Sunday, April 27, 2014

Shitapple Driving A Shitmobile

One of the first albums I downloaded after discovering Bandcamp, Teeph spawn from the northern Butte County suburb of Chico, CA. Citing influences as far ranging as Converge to Frank Zappa, the band's 2009 debut is a whirlwind of groovy tempo changes, screaming, sick guitar work and the occasional jazz drum lick while not devolving into annoyingly technical mathcore. Tough to describe, the band calls themselves "heavy math rock/post-metal" but I think they're selling themselves short. They are definitely heavy and have a few Mr. Bungle-ish proggy breakdowns but it's still linear, coherent sludgecore with enough extra shit to keep it interesting. "Hipster Killers" is my favorite - and the killer opening chord progression in "Part II" is simply awesome. Check 'em out here and give generously.


Anonymous said...

if i'm not mistaken, chico is the same general area that gave us the abominable iron sloth and prevail. so pretty fertile ground for heavy sludge.

winston95 said...

Shit man, you are totally right. Never even crossed my mind as I was writing the post and I consider Sloth to be one of my favorite bands... jesus, what a poser I am.