Thursday, April 10, 2014

Clotted Symmetrical... uh

The band's finest release, this epic two song 7" showcases this seminal Japanese nutball grind band at their very best. Don't write these crazy fucks off as some token noise cacophony, they are absolutely channeling 50's beach rock/spanish flamenco into weird grindcore hybrid 5-minute rock operas. While the opener "Shake It Up Bokan" is killer (especially the ridiculous ending - perfect for the last scene of El Mariachi), it's the 4-part(!) "Diversion Of Former Customary Trite Composition" whic really shows how talented the band is. I don't even know how to describe what your ears are in for - what starts as a very Tokyo-sounding rock song degrades into a strange grindcore miasma which is simply stunning for the fact that it sounds like it was all done in one take. Bravo gentlemen. C.S.S.O. would continue on until 2004 when they split for greener pastures...

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