Sunday, March 2, 2014

Basement Split

Here is a curious little item courtesy of Argentina's Chainfuck Records. Two obscure Córdoba bands doing their best to keep the DIY lo-fi spirit going with an mp3-only split release. Starting this one off is a lo-fi grind/noise project (I assume it's just one guy) named Bisected. While the first track is pretty much a throwaway, I found myself really digging the second, "Kommandant Orgy." I can't remember what song it's completely derivative of (maybe something by Slayer?) but it still has a cool groove and kept me interested for the 46 seconds it runs. Aileen Wuornos is a self-described one-man "crust-grind-metal-lofi-cyber" project but I found his material wallowing more in the sludge/drone genre. A waaaay overused sample from Peter Jackson's Bad Taste opens the feedback-laden cacophony of howls - nothing too special but perfectly listenable. I actually enjoyed some of his other releases (particularly "Sonic Pressure") - check out another one here here and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

weird name for a guy.
That was a female serial killer.
Charlize Theron portrayed her in a movie called Monster (2003).

winston95 said...

Yeah, I think that's the point. His song "Sonic Pressure" is filled with crazy quotes from her (the day before her execution) talking about radio waves messing with her brain.

Anonymous said...

Hola, soy el pibe q hace aileen wuornos, gracias por tomarte el tiempo de escuchar nuestro split! como veo que el link está caído..lo vuelvo a dejar acá:

y de yapa dejo este triple split de menos de 5 minutos de bisected, puto en joggin y los abortos de morsa

saludos ^^

winston95 said...

Thanks for keeping in touch man - I've updated the links. Cheers!