Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Jezuz Chrizt

For whatever reason, everything associated with Eazy-E in the mid-90's had that annoying "Z for an S" substitution - I'm surprised his posthumous press release didn't say "he died of AIDZ." Regardless, what we got here are three mildly attractive ghetto hoes rapping over typical South Central gangsta grooves. You'll probably remember their 1990 debut Livin' In A Hoe House solely for the pretty hot ass shot on the cover (the rest of the album is pretty forgettable, trust me). Evidently it sold enough copies to get Eazy to notice, (plus, c'mon, it's three bitches) leading to his production of this EP four years later. While it sounds a hell of a lot better than House, Az Much Ass Azz U Want (Jesus, I feel stupider just writing that) is still pretty silly. Every song is about pussy in some form or another, even the token "skit" is basically listening to one of the girls blow a guy or get her ass eaten or whatever. The opener "All That" is pretty good for what it's worth, and I dig the familiar back beats in "Body Snatcherz." The liner notes promise the upcoming Hoez In Training but, alas, the trio broke up within a year of this release. Supposedly they reformed in 2012 (according to a Facebook post uploaded to an Eazy-E fan forum so... ya know) but who the fuck knowz.

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