Thursday, March 20, 2014

Crust O' Christian

Don't get me wrong, I love Disrupt but they are somewhat guilty of sameness... as in every song sounding the exact same. While their full-length Unrest is really an amazing accomplishment, at 50 minutes it wears thin around song #10 or #11. So let's just say I like 'em in small doses - and a 3-song 7" is ideal. Like many other bands on the ol' blog, I first heard Disrupt on Ax/ction's seminal Apocalyptic Convulsions compilation (see here) and promptly grabbed the first record of theirs I stumbled upon. Well wouldn't ya know, this split actually has the song from Convulsions (the epic "Crock-O-Christian," albeit an alternate recording) so I knew I'd at least like a third of it. Little did I have to worry, the other two tracks are amazing slabs of furious as fuck New England crust. The opener, "Equalize," is a three-minute slow-paced breakdown - a refreshing change of pace to their manic riff-frenzies while "Trying My Trust" is Disrupt doing what they do best, packing a dozen grooves into 90 seconds. My favorite release by this sadly defunct band, enjoy. Oh by the way, I didn't bother including the other guilty party on this split, Finland's Tuomiopäivän Lapset. They suck.

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