Monday, March 3, 2014

Footprints In The Snow

Ahh... another snow day to start the week off and just fuck everything up. Actually, it's more like a rain day since that's all it's doing outside (the gun-shy schools around here like to call it a "proactive" snow day) and they'll be cancelled again tomorrow due to the 10° temperatures forecast tonight. It's just cold people - put on a fucking sweater. Kids can deal with chilly hands for ten minutes at the bus stop, it's not like they're holding school in a fucking lean-to. But I digress. Up for your approval today is a remastered "lost" Hendrix album recorded during the mid 60's. I use the term loosely since it is primarily an Isley Brother's album and Jimi's participation has been part of his folklore since the tracks were originally released in the 70's. It is common knowledge that Hendrix played with the group but as to how many sessions he actually sat in on the 50-year old details have become somewhat hazy. A breakdown of the album is as follows. Tracks 1-8 are from the original Isley Brother's album In The Beginning (1970) (of which Hendrix plays on most, if not all of the songs). Tracks 9-13 are the single versions of those songs ripped from vinyl 45s; and tracks 14-21 hail from an obscure January '64 recording session. Debate ensues as to whether Hendrix actually participated in this session, he joined the band in 1963 so timelines potentially match. Take a listen and decide for yourself. Enjoy.

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