Thursday, March 27, 2014

Riot Season

I was introduced to the mighty eight-piece(!) that is Hey Colossus thanks to an excellent split LP w/ fellow sludgers dot(.). Their first album, the aptly titled Hey Colossus Hates You is a commendable example of downtuned, riff-heavy sludge. Mostly good fuzzy grooves (without oozing to far into "stoner-rock" territory), a couple of the songs actually tread the waters of post-grunge. The monstrous "A Witch Is Born" chews up one whole side of the album, an 18-minute Electric Wizard-ish opus which coincidentally is the first song the band wrote together. Nothing like raising the bar straight out of the gate, guys. The band recently celebrated its eighth full-length release and still plays the occasional live show - they've got an occasionally updated blog that has some cool links and shit so check 'em out.


TheTom said...

Hi, is there any chance this can be re-uploaded?

winston95 said...

You got it brother - enjoy.