Friday, March 21, 2014

Well Superman looked up at me...

They weren't kidding when the PR guys named this the definitive CD single. Clocking in at 67 minutes, you get more versions of "Jam On It" then you'll ever wish you knew existed. As far as the remixes go - there's really nothing notable to mention, I actually found most of them annoying as fuck. Hell, the CD even gives you the elements of what made the song, so you can remix the thing together in GarageBand to your own liking. All that not withstanding, the headliner 8-minute "Definitive Version" is really all we came for, a classic snapshot of proto-hip hop - I remember sitting by the radio for whole afternoons praying it would come on; just so me and my few friends could practice our half-ass breakdance moves like the sorry white boys we were. So flatten that cardboard box out on the driveway and get to it. Enjoy.

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