Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dropping Anchor

Aah... what a blast from the past. Passing around an ounce of blow while driving down to celebrate the millennial New Years in New Orleans and this was like the one CD we had in the car for the whole fucking trip. Man, that was a fun jaunt down I-85. Made it down in record fucking time, too. Anyways, JCS had a pretty solid following in Richmond (shit, they were only like one state away) and floated down to play the now-defunct Flood Zone a few times. While I liked their quasi-hit "High" (beaten to death by zillion hours played of BMX XXX), the opener "Dropping Anchor" is definitely my fave - a rocking fucking tune that takes me back fifteen years every time I hear it. The rest of the album is just as good - a bit of a foray into the nü metal world notwithstanding - pop this one in at your next party and I'm sure you'll get some smiles. Enjoy.

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