Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Here's a random live show that popped on my iPod today bursting with all the quality that you'd expect from late-90's 56kbps mp3's. Ween was at odds with Elektra at the time - the major had just assumed control over a live album Dean had compiled; intended to be the first indie Chocodog release, the label quickly packaged it as Paintin' The Town Brown. In response, Ween "leaked" their quasi-album Craters Of The Sac to the internet as a free mp3 download, much to money-hungry Elektra's chagrin. All of this leads me to assume it didn't take much for the guys to play gigs under a pseudonym, especially on the tried-and-true stomping ground of the New Jersey shore. I'm sure there's a anecdote-laden back story as to who Michael Carbone is - without it, all I am left to say is that the band rips a solid 45-minute (opening?) set packed with lots of stuff forthcoming on White Pepper, a Beatles cover, the cooly obscure "Beacon Light" and everyone's favorite, "The Rainbow." Enjoy.

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