Sunday, March 9, 2014

Land Of The Free

I actually knew the guitarist on this record - he was peripherally in my circle of friends junior year of college. Nice enough guy - we got along thanks to some musical compatibility (Lard comes to mind) and just usual college bullshit in general. He would regale us with the stories of recording this record (in Buffalo from where I am pretty sure he was native) and the subsequent release party in Chicago. According to him his little hardcore band was touted in true rock star fashion with the limo, party and various other perks which amazed (and envied) us to no end. As far as the record, both songs are basic hardcore with a proto-metalcore vibe, there's a strange echoing effect like they were recorded in some huge wind tunnel but maybe that was a completely intentional master effect. As far as my pal goes, he left Snapcase for Iceburn after this single was released and I've never heard anything from him or by those two bands since. Go figure.

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