Sunday, March 30, 2014

I Wish I Was Deaf

Easily the worst record ever recorded in the history of mankind, this white femenists rapping acapella turd is pretty much on rotation round the clock in GG or Seth Putnam's hell right now. Some readers will be familiar with quasi-listenable remixed version of "You Suck" by activist electro-rockers Consolidated in the early 90's - once you listen to the actual source material you will be fucking amazed that they could pull a remix off. The rhymes are so completely unfunny ("Talkin' Shit" is so fucking terrible it almost justifies jamming pencils into your ears) and if you search out a picture of what the Yeastie trio actually looked like it will make your skin crawl imagining these trolls actually getting some. In short, this record is so bad I basically just uploaded it for some mean-spirited shock value, I included Consolidated's remix just to make the whole listen barely worthwhile. I apologize in advance.

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