Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Dregs...

OK, here we go again, cleanin' off the old hard drive. Up for today's displeasure is a limited edition, self-released split 3" MCD by a staple of the pornogrind cesspool, Brazil's one-man sleaze project Hemorrhoidal Anal Suffering. Most of the long four minutes are purely forgettable, standard programmed gorenoise with vocals so distorted it begs the question of why. Yet, halfway through there's a surprising diamond in the rough - there's a lot to like in the strange "Cult To Coprophagic Sex" - a cool grindcore riff with a completely appropriate rape/porn sample in the background. Too bad the guy didn't decide to go more in that direction - there's obviously some talent hidden there behind the vocal modulators. For those who care, he supposedly dropped H.A.S. to launch the similarly-themed Fecal Smear Test in 2009 but as of today it seems he's still releasing shit (ha!) under his old moniker. Along for the ride on the MCD split are the completely obscure Herpes Rectal Canal (a.k.a. HxRxCx) to whom I'll give credit for lifting the graphic style (and the actual "C") from Anal Cunt's infamous logo (hey Tim, time to call those lawyers!!!). As far as the "music" goes (I'm assuming it's another one-man sideshow), the lyrics are little more than bubbling gurgles dubbed on top of drum machine blast beats; with a few crunchy power chords here and there just to pretend it has some legitimacy. More shittily-edited movie samples than music on this one.

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