Saturday, March 8, 2014

Shorter Vocal Chord Blues

Ear-piercing, doom-laden sludge from up I-95 in the D.C. suburbs, Salome's final LP is a quality bookend to a half-decade run in extreme music. A lot has been written about their lead singer, the relatively attractive Kat Katz (currently screaming for Agoraphobic Nosebleed) pretty much because, well, she's a relatively attractive blonde singing for Salome. I gotta be honest though, after the initial visual she just doesn't do it for me. The music is fucking awesome, hands down. But the vocals just seem thin and no matter how I try I just can't get around being somewhat irritated by them. Some old school growler/screamer in there (Jacob Bannon from Converge comes to mind) and I think the band would have really been something else. But I digress from my petty (and aberrant considering the band's diehard fanbase) bitching, it's a quality album - every song is a keeper, even the twenty-minute noise/drone opus "An Accident Of History". Enjoy.

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